Anthony Perkins timeline

  • "Friendly Persuasion" Is Released

    Friendly Persuasion is a 1956 Palme d'Or-winning Civil War film starring Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire, Anthony Perkins, Richard Eyer, Robert... Read more

  • "On The Beach" Is Released

    On the Beach is a 1959 post-apocalyptic drama film based on Nevil Shute's novel of the same name featuring Gregory Peck (USS Sawfish captain Dwight... Read more

  • "Psycho" Is Released

    Psycho is an American 1960 suspense/horror movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock, from the screenplay by Joseph Stefano. The film is based on the... Read more

  • "Catch-22" Is Released

    Catch-22 is a 1970 war film adapted from the book of the same name by Joseph Heller. Considered a black comedy revolving around the "lunatic... Read more