Ancient Egypt timeline

  • Djedefre Rules Egypt

    The Egyptian pharaoh Djedefre (or Radjedef) was the successor and son of Khufu. The mother of Djedefre is unknown. His name means "Enduring like... Read more

  • Khafra Rules Egypt

    Khafra, or Khafre (ancient egyptian Rachaf,Greek Χεφρήν, Chephren) *ḫāʕaf-riʕu), was an Egyptian pharaoh of the Fourth dynasty, who had his capital... Read more

  • Shepseskaf Rules Egypt

    Shepseskaf was a son of Menkaure who succeeded his father on the throne. Shepseskaf's name means "His Soul is Noble." He was likely the last... Read more

  • Djedefptah Rules Egypt

    Djedefptah is a shadowy figure, whose existence is questionable. Shepseskaf is usually considered to be the last pharaoh of the fourth dynasty.... Read more

  • Userkaf Rules Egypt

    Userkaf was the founder of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt and the first pharaoh to start the tradition of building sun temples at Abusir. Userkaf's... Read more

  • Menkaura Rules Egypt

    Menkaura (or Men-Kau-Re; Mycerinus in Latin; Μυκερινος Mykerinos in Greek) was a pharaoh of the Fourth dynasty of Egypt (c. 2620 BC–2480 BC) who... Read more

  • Sahure Rules Egypt

    Sahure was the second king of ancient Egypt's 5th Dynasty. He was a son of queen Neferhetepes, as shown in scenes from the causeway of Sahure's... Read more

  • Neferirkare Kakai Rules Egypt

    Neferirkare Kakai was the third Pharaoh of Egypt during the Fifth dynasty. His prenomen, Neferirkare, means "Beautiful is the Soul of Ra." His... Read more

  • Neferefre Rules Egypt

    Neferefre (also called Raneferef) was a Pharaoh of Egypt during the Fifth dynasty. His name means "Beautiful is Re" in Egyptian. A significant... Read more

  • Nyuserre Ini Rules Egypt

    Nyuserre Ini, also spelt as Neuserre Izi or Niuserre Isi and sometimes Nyuserra (in Greek known as Rathoris), was a Pharaoh of Egypt during the... Read more

  • Menkauhor Kaiu Rules Egypt

    Menkauhor Kaiu, (in Greek known as Menkeris), was a Pharaoh of the Fifth dynasty during the Old Kingdom. His royal name or prenomen, Menkauhor,... Read more

  • Djedkare Isesi Rules Egypt

    Djedkare Isesi in Greek known as Tancheres from Manetho's Aegyptiaca, was a Pharaoh of Egypt during the Fifth dynasty. He is assigned a reign of... Read more

  • Unas Rules Egypt

    Unas (also Oenas, Unis, or Ounas) was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and the last ruler of the Fifth dynasty from the Old Kingdom. His reign has been... Read more

  • Teti Rules Egypt

    Teti was the first Pharaoh of the Sixth dynasty of Egypt. He is also less commonly known as Othoes. He reigned from around 2345 to 2333 BC and is... Read more

  • Pepi I Meryre Rules Egypt

    Pepi I Meryre (reigned 2332 – 2283 BC) was the third king of the Sixth dynasty of Egypt. His first throne name was Neferdjahor which the king later... Read more

  • Merenre Nemtyemsaf I Rules Egypt

    Merenre Nemtyemsaf I (reigned 2283-2278 BC) was the fourth king of the Sixth dynasty of Egypt. His nomen, theophorically referring to Nemty, was... Read more

  • Pepi II Neferkare Rules Egypt

    Pepi II (reigned c. 2278 BC–c. 2184 BC) was a pharaoh of the Sixth dynasty in Egypt's Old Kingdom. His throne name, Neferkare (Nefer-ka-Re), means... Read more

  • Merenre Nemtyemsaf II Rules Egypt

    Merenre Nemtyemsaef II was briefly Pharaoh of Egypt, likely succeeding his long-lived father Pepi II Neferkare. The Turin King List says that... Read more

  • Egypt in the First Intermediate Period

    After the long reign of king Pepy II Egypt separated into several political units. The political division of the country is also clearly visisble... Read more

  • Egypt in Middle Kingdom

    The Middle Kingdom is the period in the history of ancient Egypt stretching from the establishment of the Eleventh Dynasty to the end of the... Read more

  • Egypt in the Second Intermediate Period

    There is no general agreement in Egyptology either about the length or about how to define the Second Intermediate Period. Von Beckerath 1964 and... Read more