American Revolution - Revolutionary War timeline

  • Battle of Spencer's Ordinary

    Anthony Wayne, leading the Marquis de Lafayette's van, received word of Simcoe and the Queen's Rangers foraging near Spencer's Ordinary (about six... Read more

  • Francisco's Fight

    Francisco's Fight is the name commonly given to a skirmish between Tarleton's Raiders and Peter Francisco during the American Revolutionary War in... Read more

  • Battle of Green Spring

    Lord Cornwallis having failed to defeat the Marquis de Lafayette in the campaign in Virginia, was marching from Williamsburg to position his army... Read more

  • Invasion of Minorca

    Work soon began on gun emplacements to besiege St. Philip's Castle, the most important being at La Mola, on the opposite side of the harbor mouth,... Read more

  • Lochry's Defeat

    On the night of August 18, 1781, Clark and his men floated past the mouth of the Great Miami River, near the present-day border between Ohio and... Read more

  • Battle of the Chesapeake

    When the British fleet of 19 ships, now under Graves's command, arrived back at the Chesapeake on the morning of September 5, they found 25 French... Read more

  • Battle Of Groton Heights

    The Battle of Groton Heights was a battle of the American Revolutionary War fought on September 6, 1781 between a small Continental Army force led... Read more

  • Battle of Fort Griswold

    One of the last battles fought during the American Revolutionary War was fought near New London, Connecticut at a small fort called Fort Griswold... Read more

  • Battle of Eutaw Springs

    The Battle of Eutaw Springs was a battle of the American Revolutionary War, the last engagement of the war in the Carolinas. On May 22, 1781,... Read more

  • Battle Of Lindley's Mill

    The Battle of Lindley's Mill took place in Alamance County, North Carolina, on September 13, 1781, during the American Revolutionary... Read more

  • Battle of Yorktown

    By October 14, the trenches were within 150 yards (140 m) of redoubts #9 and #10. Washington ordered that all guns within range begin blasting the... Read more

  • General Charles Cornwallis Surrenders To General George Washington At Yorktown

    On October 19, 1781, British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered his army of some 8,000 men to General George Washington at Yorktown, giving up... Read more

  • Siege of Negapatam

    The Siege of Negapatam was the first offensive military action on the Indian subcontinent following the arrival of news that was had been declared... Read more

  • Battle Of Johnstown

    The Battle of Johnstown was fought in Johnstown, New York. It was one of the last battles in the American theatre of the American Revolutionary... Read more

  • Battle Of Ushant

    The Second Battle of Ushant was a naval battle fought between French and British squadrons near Ushant on 12 December 1781, during the American War... Read more

  • Capture of Trincomalee

    The Capture of Trincomalee on 11 January 1782 was the second major engagement between Great Britain and the Dutch Republic in the East Indies after... Read more

  • Battle of St. Kitts

    When Hood returned to the West Indies in late 1781 after the Battle of the Chesapeake, he was for a time in independent command owing to Rodney's... Read more

  • Battle Of Sadras

    The Battle of Sadras was the first of five largely indecisive naval battles fought between a British fleet under Admiral Sir Edward Hughes and... Read more

  • Battle of Roatán

    The Battle of Roatán was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on March 16, 1782, between British and Spanish forces for control of Roatán,... Read more

  • Lord North Resigns as British Prime Minister

    North holds the rather dubious distinction of being the first Prime Minister of Britain, or indeed anywhere else in the world, to be forced out of... Read more

  • Battle of the Saintes

    On 12 April, De Grasse bore up with his fleet to protect a dismasted ship that was being chased by four British ships as he made for Guadaloupe.... Read more

  • Battle Of Providien

    The Battle of Providien was the second in a series of naval battles fought between a British fleet under Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes and a... Read more

  • Battle Of Negapatam

    The Battle of Negapatam was the third in the series of battles fought between a British fleet under Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes and a French... Read more

  • British Evacuate Savannah, GA

    On this day in 1782, British Royal Governor Sir James Wright, along with several civil officials and military officers, flee the city of Savannah,... Read more

  • Battle Of Piqua

    The Battle of Piqua, also known as the Battle of Pekowee or Pekowi, was part of the western campaign during the American Revolutionary War. Led by... Read more