American Revolution - Revolutionary War timeline

  • Battle of King's Mountain

    The battle opened on October 7, 1780, around 3 pm when 900 Patriots (including John Crockett, the father of Davy Crockett), approached the steep... Read more

  • Royalton Raid

    The Royalton Raid was a British-led Indian raid in 1780 against various towns along the White River Valley, Vermont, and was part of the American... Read more

  • Battle Of Klock's Field

    On October 19, 1780, John Johnson's army of Loyalists - consisting of units from the King's Royal Regiment of New York, Butler's Rangers, and... Read more

  • Battle Of Fishdam Ford

    The Battle of Fishdam Ford was an attempted surprise attack by British forces under the command of Major James Wemyss against an encampment of... Read more

  • Battle Of Blackstock's Farm

    The Battle of Blackstock's Farm, an encounter of the American Revolutionary War, took place in what today is Union County, South Carolina, a few... Read more

  • Battle Of Jersey

    The Battle of Jersey was technically the last battle fought in the British Islands (coming after the Battle of Culloden in 1745). It was the last... Read more

  • Battle of Mobile

    The British garrison nearest to Mobile was in West Florida's capital, Pensacola. The commander, General John Campbell, had under his command about... Read more

  • Battle of Cowpens

    Morgan's strategy worked perfectly. The British drove in successive lines, anticipating victory only to encounter another, stronger line after... Read more

  • Battle of Cowan's Ford

    On January 31, Cornwallis began to move his army despite the heavy rain fearing any further delay would cause him to lose his chance of destroying... Read more

  • Pyle's Massacre

    The most commonly accepted account of the battle, pieced together from reports from Lee and Captain Joseph Graham, indicates that Lee's deception... Read more

  • Battle Of Haw River

    The Battle of Haw River occurred near the Haw River in North Carolina on February 25, 1781, late in the American Revolutionary War. Patriot militia... Read more

  • Articles of Confederation Adopted

    The political push for the colonies to increase cooperation began in the French and Indian Wars in the mid 1750s. The American Revolution in... Read more

  • Battle Of Wetzell's Mill

    The Battle of Wetzell's Mill (the name may also be spelled Weitzell, Weitzel, Whitesell, or Whitsall) was an American Revolutionary War skirmish... Read more

  • Battle of Pensacola

    On April 28, siege operations finally got underway. By May 1 they had emplaced a battery of cannons overlooking the Queen's Redoubt, and begun... Read more

  • Battle of Guilford Court House

    The advance guard met near the Quaker New Garden Meeting House. Banastre Tarleton's Light Dragoons were briefly engaged by Light Horse Harry Lee's... Read more

  • Battle of Cape Henry

    The Battle of Cape Henry was naval battle in the American War of Independence which took place near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay on 16 March 1781... Read more

  • Skirmish at Waters Creek

    Lord Cornwallis, while on his Peninsula campaign, sent Captain Brown on a foraging mission. This mission brought Brown, and his group of 40... Read more

  • Siege Of Fort Watson

    The Siege of Fort Watson was an American Revolutionary War confrontation in South Carolina that began on April 15, 1781 and lasted until April 23,... Read more

  • Battle Of Porto Praya

    The Battle of Porto Praya was a naval battle which took place during the American Revolutionary War on 16 April 1781 between a British squadron... Read more

  • Battle Of Blandford

    The Battle of Blanford was a battle during the American War of Independence, that took place near Petersburg, Virginia on 25 April 1781. Roughly... Read more

  • Battle of Hobkirk's Hill

    On the morning of April 25, 1781, Rawdon was still under the impression that the Continental army was without its artillery. At approximately 9am... Read more

  • Battle of Fort Royal

    In 1762, the English land in the island and take the highest points on the Northern town. With a beautiful view and a solid platform, looking over... Read more

  • Siege Of Fort Motte

    The Siege of Fort Motte was a military operation during the American Revolutionary War. A force of Patriots led by General Francis "Swamp Fox"... Read more

  • Siege Of Augusta

    The Siege of Augusta began on May 22, 1781 and was conducted by General Andrew Pickens and Colonel Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee against British... Read more

  • Siege Of Ninety-Six

    The Siege of Ninety Six was a siege late in the American Revolutionary War. From May 22 to June 18, 1781, Continental Army Major General Nathanael... Read more