American Civil War timeline

  • Battle Of Nashville

    On the afternoon of December 16, 1864, Union troops led by General George H. Thomas devastated Confederate forces at Nashville, Tennessee. The... Read more

  • Battle of Marion

    Description: Riding through the Cumberland Gap, Stoneman’s expedition advanced on the important lead mines and salt ponds around Marion and... Read more

  • Second Battle of Saltville

    Description: Union cavalry and infantry raiders led by Brig. Gen. Stephen Burbridge attempted to destroy the saltworks near Saltville. He was... Read more

  • Battle of Anthony's Hill

    The Battle of Anthony’s Hill (also known as the Battle of King's Hill or the Battle of Devil's Gap) was an engagement that occurred December 25,... Read more

  • Battle of Dove Creek

    The Battle of Dove Creek was a small engagement during the American Civil War that took place January 8, 1865, along Dove Creek in what is now... Read more

  • Second Battle of Fort Fisher

    The Second Battle of Fort Fisher was a joint assault by Union Army and naval forces against Fort Fisher, outside Wilmington, North Carolina, near... Read more

  • Battle of Rivers' Bridge

    Description:On February 2, a Confederate force under McLaws held the crossings of the Salkehatchie River against the advance of the right wing of... Read more

  • Battle of Hatcher's Run

    Description: On February 5, Bvt. Brig. Gen. David Gregg’s cavalry division rode out to the Boydton Plank Road via Ream's Station and Dinwiddie... Read more

  • Battle of Wilmington

    Description: With the fall of Fort Fisher to Maj. Gen. Alfred Terry’s and Rear Adm. David Porter’s combined operation on January 15, Wilmington’s... Read more

  • The Mayor Of Charleston, South Carolina, Surrenders Control Of The City To Alexander Schimmelfennig

    A City of ruins, —silent, mournful, in deepest humiliation…The band was playing 'Hail, Columbia,' and the strains floated through the desolate... Read more

  • Battle of Fort Myers

    The Battle of Fort Myers was fought on February 25, 1865, in Lee County, Florida during the last months of the American Civil War. This small... Read more

  • Confederate Spy John Yates Beall Executed

    John Yates Beall (January 1, 1835 - February 24, 1865) was a Confederate privateer in the American Civil War who was arrested as a spy in New York... Read more

  • Lincoln Delivers Second Inaugural Address

    Abraham Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, during his inauguration at the start of his second term as President of... Read more

  • Battle of Natural Bridge

    Other Names: None Location: Leon County Campaign: Operations near St. Marks, Florida (1865) Date(s): March 6, 1865 Principal... Read more

  • Battle of Wyse Fork

    The Battle of Wyse Fork was a battle fought in the Carolinas Campaign of the American Civil War, resulting in a Union Army... Read more

  • Battle of Monroe's Crossroads

    Description: As Sherman’s army advanced into North Carolina, Kilpatrick’s Cavalry Division screened its left flank. On the evening of March 9, two... Read more

  • Battle of Averasborough

    Description: On the afternoon of March 15, Judson Kilpatrick’s cavalry came up against Lt. Gen. William Hardee’s corps—consisting of Taliaferro’s... Read more

  • Battle of Bentonvillemar

    Description: While Slocum’s advance was stalled at Averasborough by Hardee’s troops, the right wing of Sherman’s army under command of Maj. Gen.... Read more

  • Battle of Fort Stedman

    Description: In a last-gasp offensive, Gen. Robert E. Lee amassed nearly half of his army in an attempt to break through Grant’s Petersburg... Read more

  • Battle of Spanish Fort

    Other Names: None Location: Baldwin County Campaign: Mobile Campaign (1865) Date(s): March 27-April 8, 1865 Principal Commanders: Maj.... Read more

  • Battle of Lewis's Farm

    The Battle of Lewis's Farm (also known as Quaker Road, Military Road, or Gravelly Road) was fought on March 29, 1865, in Dinwiddie County,... Read more

  • Battle of White Oak Road

    Other Names: Hatcher’s Run, Gravelly Run, Boydton Plank Road, White Oak Ridge Location: Dinwiddie County Campaign: Appomattox Campaign... Read more

  • Battle of Dinwiddie Court House

    Description: On March 29, with the Cavalry Corps and the II and V Corps, Sheridan undertook a flank march to turn Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Petersburg... Read more

  • Battle of Five Forks

    The Battle of Five Forks was fought on April 1, 1865, southwest of Petersburg, Virginia, in Dinwiddie County, during the Appomattox Campaign of the... Read more

  • Battle of Sutherland's Station

    Other Names: None Location: Dinwiddie Campaign: Appomattox Campaign (March-April 1865) Date(s): April 2, 1865 Principal Commanders:... Read more