American Civil War timeline

  • Battle of Tupelo

    Description: Maj. Gen. A.J. Smith, commanding a combined force of more than 14,000 men, left LaGrange, Tennessee, on July 5, 1864, and advanced... Read more

  • Shohola Train Wreck

    The Great Shohola train wreck occurred on July 15, 1864 during the American Civil War on the broad gauge Erie Railroad 1½ miles west of Shohola,... Read more

  • Heaton's Crossroads

    Heaton's Crossroads, also known as the Purcellville Wagon Raid, was a American Civil War skirmish that took place between Federal cavalry under... Read more

  • Battle of Cool Spring

    Description: A Union column, consisting of the VI Corps and elements of the XIX Corps under Maj. Gen. Horatio Wright, pursued Early’s army as it... Read more

  • Battle of Peachtree Creek

    Description: Under Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, the Army of Tennessee had retired south of Peachtree Creek, an east to west flowing stream, about three... Read more

  • Battle of Rutherford's Farm

    Description: On July 20, Brig. Gen. W.W. Averell’s Union division attacked Maj. Gen. S.D. Ramseur’s Confederate division at Rutherford’s and... Read more

  • Battle of Atlanta

    Description: Following the Battle of Peachtree Creek, Hood determined to attack Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson’s Army of the Tennessee. He withdrew... Read more

  • Second Battle of Kernstown - Federal Line Collapses

    Description: Believing that Early’s army was no longer a threat in the Valley, Maj. Gen. Horatio Wright abandoned his pursuit and ordered the VI... Read more

  • First Battle of Deep Bottom

    Description: During the night of July 26-27, the Union II Corps and two divisions of Sheridan’s cavalry under command of Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott... Read more

  • Battle of Killdeer Mountain - Union Forces Defeat Sioux

    Description: Brig. Gen. Alfred Sully, who had defeated the recalcitrant Sioux at Whitestone Hill in September 1863, wintered on the Missouri River.... Read more

  • Battle of Ezra Church

    Description: Earlier, Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s forces had approached Atlanta from the east and north. Hood had not defeated them, but he had... Read more

  • Battle of the Crater - Lee Defeats Burnside

    Description: After weeks of preparation, on July 30 the Federals exploded a mine in Burnside’s IX Corps sector beneath Pegram’s Salient, blowing a... Read more

  • Battle of Brown's Mill

    The Battle of Brown's Mill was fought July 30, 1864, in Coweta County, Georgia, during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War. Edward M.... Read more

  • Battle of Folck's Mill - Confederates Attempt to Disrupt B&O Railroad

    Description: After burning Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, on July 30, Johnson’s and McCausland’s cavalry brigades rode towards Cumberland, Maryland,... Read more

  • Battle of Mobile Bay

    The Battle of Mobile Bay of August 5, 1864, was an engagement of the American Civil War in which a Federal fleet commanded by Rear Admiral David G.... Read more

  • Siege of Fort Gaines

    The Siege of Fort Gaines occurred between August 3 and 8, 1864, during the American Civil War. It took place in the Mobile Bay area of Alabama as... Read more

  • Battle of Utoy Creek

    Description: After failing to envelop Hood’s left flank at Ezra Church, Sherman still wanted to extend his right flank to hit the railroad between... Read more

  • Battle of Moorefield

    Other Names: Oldfields Location: Hardy County Campaign: Early’s Raid and Operations against the B&O Railroad (June-August) Date(s): August... Read more

  • Siege of Fort Morgan

    Other Names: Passing of Forts Morgan and Gaines Location: Mobile County and Baldwin County Campaign: Operations in Mobile Bay... Read more

  • Second Battle of Dalton

    The Second Battle of Dalton was fought August 14–15, 1864, between Union and Confederate forces in Whitfield County, northern Georgia. The Union... Read more

  • Second Battle of Deep Bottom

    Description: During the night of August 13-14, the Union II Corps, X Corps, and Gregg’s cavalry division, all under command of Maj. Gen. Winfield... Read more

  • Battle of Guard Hill

    Description: Kershaw’s infantry division and Fitzhugh Lee’s cavalry, under overall command of Lt. Gen. Richard Anderson (Army of Northern Virginia,... Read more

  • Battle of Globe Tavern

    Description: While Hancock’s command demonstrated north of the James River at Deep Bottom, the Union V Corps and elements of the IX and II Corps... Read more

  • Battle of Lovejoy's Station

    The Battle of Lovejoy's Station was fought on August 20, 1864, near what is now Lovejoy, Georgia, in Clayton County, during the Atlanta Campaign of... Read more

  • Battle of Summit Point

    Description:As Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan concentrated his army near Charles Town, Lt. Gen. Jubal Early and Maj. Gen. Richard Anderson attacked the... Read more