Battle of Pasargadae

The first capital of the Achaemenid Empire, Pasargadae, lies in ruins 43 kilometers from Persepolis, in present-day Fars province of Iran.

The construction of the capital city by Cyrus the Great, begun in 546 BCE or later, was left unfinished, for Cyrus died in battle in 530 BCE or 529 BCE. The tomb of Cyrus' son and successor, Cambyses II, also has been found in Pasargadae. The remains of his tomb, located near the fortress of Toll-e Takht, were identified in 2006.

Pasargadae remained the Persian capital until Darius founded another in Persepolis. The modern name comes from the Greek, but may derive from the old Greek used during Achaemenid times, Pâthragâda, meaning the garden of Persians which itself is derived from the original Persian, Pârs Gâdeh meaning town of Persians. Contemporary Elamite cuneiform renders the name as Batrakataš.