Egypt in Late Dynastic Period

In 404 Amyrtaeus revolted successfully against the Achaeminid Empire, then ruling Egypt.

He is the sole king of the 28th Dynasty. The country became independent again for about 60 years again. The first kings of the period (29th Dynasty) ruled only for a short period. The kings of the 30th Dynasty enjoyed longer reigns.

The Late Dynastic Period is well represented on many sites, with vast building projects, mainly in the Delta cities. In art, the Late Period (26th Dynasty) was the main source of inspiration, although artists also looked to the earlier periods of Egyptian history for models.

Amyrtaeus, sole king of the Twenty-eighth Dynasty, who ousted the Persians from Egypt, ending the First Persian Period ('Dynasty 27'). His role is known only from Greek language sources: he is not attested in hieroglyphic sources, but occurs in demotic as Amenirdis.