Naqada II: Naqada Culture Appears Throughout Egypt

The Naqada culture appears throughout Egypt. Some individuals are buried in larger, more elaborate tombs (see the elite cemetery in Naqada).

The Naqada period was first divided by the British Egyptologist William Flinders Petrie, who explored the site in 1894, into three sub-periods:

* Amratian (after the cemetery near El-Amrah)
* Gerzean (after the cemetery near Gerzeh)
* Semainian (after the cemetery near Es-Semaina)

Petrie's chronology was superseded by that of Werner Kaiser in 1957. Kaiser's chronology began c. 4000 BC, but the modern version begins slightly earlier, as follows:

Naqada I a-b-c (about 4400–3500 BCE)
Naqada II a-b-c (about 3500–3200 BCE)
Naqada III a-b-c (about 3200–3000 BCE)