What Happened in 3100 BC

  • Early Dynastic Period of Egypt

    The Archaic or Early Dynastic Period of Egypt immediately follows the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt c. 3100 BC. It is generally taken to... Read more

  • Menes Founds First Egyptian Dynasty

    Menes is the name of the Egyptian king credited with founding the First dynasty, sometime around 3100 BC. Menes was seen as a founding figure for... Read more

  • Narmer Rules Egypt

    Narmer was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled in the 32nd century BC. Thought to be the successor to the predynastic Kings Scorpion or "Selk" and/or Ka,... Read more

  • Protodynastic Period

    The Protodynastic Period of Egypt (generally dated 3100 BC - 3000 BC) refers to the period of time at the very end of the Predynastic Period. It is... Read more