Hor-Aha Rules Egypt

Hor-Aha is considered the second pharaoh of the first dynasty of Ancient Egypt in current Egyptology.

He lived around the thirty-first century BC. The two logographic glyphs used to write his name are roughly translated as Hor, (a reference to the hawk deity, Horus), and Aha, meaning "to fight".

There has been some controversy about Hor-Aha. Some believe him to be the same individual as the legendary Menes and that he was the one to unify all of Egypt. Others claim he was the son of Narmer, the pharaoh who unified Egypt. Narmer and Menes may have been one pharaoh, referred to with more than one name. Regardless, considerable historical evidence from the period points to Narmer as the pharaoh who first unified Egypt (see Narmer Palette) and to Hor-Aha as his son and heir.