Semerkhet Rules Egypt

Semerkhet was the sixth king of Ancient Egypt's First Dynasty who ruled around 2950 BC. Although little is known of his reign, Semerkhet seems to have had a difficult time as king judging by the records of Manetho.

Manetho states that there were numerous disasters in Semerkhet's reign but he alleges that this was because Semerkhet was a usurper to the throne. It is considered that Semerkhet deliberately erased Anedjib's name from numerous artefacts, but Semerket's own name was later omitted from the Saqqara King List. He did, however, manage to build a much larger royal tomb than Anedjib despite his short 9 year reign. Semerkhet is only otherwise known from one or two contemporary artefacts and, more importantly, in the Palermo Stone Annals.