Sekhemkhet Rules Egypt

Sekhemkhet was a Pharaoh in Egypt during the Third dynasty.

According to the Manethonian tradition, a king known as Tyris (which may be compared to the Turin Canon's "Djoser-ti") reigned for a relatively brief period of seven years, and modern scholars believe Djoserty and Sekhemkhet are the same person. While the Turin Canon gives Sekhemkhet a reign of 6 years. Toby Wilkinson's reconstruction of the Dynasty 5 Palermo Stone Annal document assigns a reign of 7 years to this king based on the number of year register preserved for him in Cairo Fragment One, register V. Wilkinson states that "this figure is fairly certain, since the [king's] titulary begins immediately after the dividing line marking the change of reign." Hence, the Manethonian tradition appears to be correct. His reign is thought to have been from about 2649 BC until 2643 BC or 2642 BC. Sekhemkhet's name means "Powerful in Body."