Djedefptah Rules Egypt

Djedefptah is a shadowy figure, whose existence is questionable.

Shepseskaf is usually considered to be the last pharaoh of the fourth dynasty. However, Manetho lists a pharaoh Tamphthis, which may be a corrupted form of Ptah-djedef, as the last ruler of the dynasty, while the Turin Canon has an unnamed pharaoh after Shepseskaf who ruled for about two years. So both list another ruler, who may be Djedefptah.

No stelas or tomb inscriptions of any Old Kingdom officials who record their service from Khafre or Menkaura through to the early fifth dynasty rulers ever names one as Djedefptah or Ptah-djedef. Accordingly, it is possible that later Egyptian oral traditions erroneously elevated Djedefptah's status to that of a fourth dynasty ruler.