Neferirkare Kakai Rules Egypt

Neferirkare Kakai was the third Pharaoh of Egypt during the Fifth dynasty.

His prenomen, Neferirkare, means "Beautiful is the Soul of Ra." His Horus name was Userkhau, his Golden Horus name Sekhemunebu and his Nebti name Khaiemnebty. Neferirkare was probably the brother of pharaoh Sahure and the son of pharaoh Userkaf, the founder of the dynasty.

From the large size of his mortuary complex at Abusir, he was an important king, but since the Palermo stone fragments after his rule, little is actually known about his reign. The Pyramid of Neferirkare Kakai (burial place) of the king was initially designed as a 6-step pyramid 52 m high, but later it was extended to the form of a typical pyramid and it reached a height of 72 m. The mortuary complex is unfinished, and only part of the lower mortuary temple was completed before, it is supposed, the abandonment of the project.