Merenre Nemtyemsaf II Rules Egypt

Merenre Nemtyemsaef II was briefly Pharaoh of Egypt, likely succeeding his long-lived father Pepi II Neferkare.

The Turin King List says that Merenre reigned for only a year, after succeeding his father Pepi II. His name is also mentioned on a stela that was discovered near the site of the pyramid of Neith, perhaps his mother. His nomen was formerly read as Antyemsaf, a reading now known to be incorrect.

It was long thought that he was succeeded by Nitocris, who was thought to be his sister/wife. It is now generally recognized that the name "Nitocris" was conflated with that of a male pharaoh named Neitiqerty Siptah instead.

According to Herodotus (Histories ii), he was murdered in a plot and later revenged by his sister Nitocris.