Meridian 59 Released as Open Source

Zandramas and I are happy to announce that we've decided to release Meridian as open source.

We've been running the game for almost 3 years, and while we've made a lot of infrastructure improvements (client and server stability and performance, security, installer, update system), we clearly haven't had as much time for gameplay improvements. We're both busy with careers and families, and rather than have the game rust under our semi-negligence, we thought we'd give everyone a chance to make the game better.

We're working to clean up the build system, remove legal obstacles, and make things a little bit more user friendly. It will take another month or two to get all of the details figured out. While we haven't decided on the licensing terms yet, most likely we'll share the code but keep rights to the assets (art, etc.) to avoid blatant commercial exploitation. You'll be able to run your own free server and make modifications to the rules.