Aurora Movie Theater Shooting

12 dead, 38 injured. The attack occurred in Theater 9 at the Century 16 movie theater adjacent to the Town Center at Aurora shopping mall.

The shooter is reported to have entered the theater through an emergency door wearing a gas mask and bulletproof vest and deployed a tear gas canister before opening fire. According to what FBI sources told CNN, the gunman had apparently propped open an emergency exit at the rear of the theater as he went to his car to "gear up," so that he could easily reenter the theater to begin his attack. Some bullets penetrated the wall of the cinema and injured people in the adjoining Theater 8, where the same film was being screened.

Ten people died at the scene, and two people were pronounced dead in local hospitals. Initial reports were that 50 or 53 people were injured, but that number was updated to 38. Injured people were treated at Children's Hospital, Denver Health Medical Center, Medical Center of Aurora, Swedish Hospital, and University Hospital, as well as at a makeshift hospital set up at the scene of the attack. Uninjured witnesses were transported to Gateway High School for de-briefing. The victims' ages ranged from 3 months to 45 years, with the 3-month-old boy being treated at University Hospital and discharged.