RIFT: Storm Legion Released

WELCOME HOME Debuting in Storm Legion™, Dimensions are player- and guild-owned slivers of Telara.

Fully customizable with items and building blocks you acquire throughout your adventures, Dimensions offer you the freedom and ability to build anything you can dream.

Empyrean engineers sell keys to early Dimensions that feature a variety of stunning locations across the world. Each is a canvas awaiting your imagination and handiwork: will you transform your remote hideaway into a stunning castle, or a lofty aerie requiring wild acrobatics to reach? What treasures will you leave on display, and how will your wonders take shape?

User-friendly customization tools let you resize, combine, and manipulate a huge and evolving set of Dimension-ready objects. Want to add flora to your molten retreat? Drag a sapling from your inventory, drop it in your Dimension, and watch the tree come to life. Use easy-to-master tools to rotate, scale, and transform your tree, or swap it for simple planks and stone – raw materials that will set your imagination free!

Invite friends, guild mates, and anyone else you’d like to your Dimensions. Need a hand finishing a temple to Thontic? Give your guests build privileges and craft side-by-side. Ready to show off your floating dungeon? Set the stage with unique ambience features including special skies, music, and more.