Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire Republican Primary

Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, won the New Hampshire Republican Primary for the 2012 Presidential Nomination.

Texas Congressman, Ron Paul - considered a long-shot and a protest candidate by many - surprised pundits with a strong second place showing.

Candidates from Massachusetts are considered "favorite sons" in neighboring New Hampshire, and are always highly favored to win there. The two exceptions to this rule of thumb were when Senator Ted Kennedy lost the Democratic primary to President Jimmy Carter in 1980, and when Senator John McCain of Arizona beat Romney in the Republican primary of 2008.

Preliminary results of the January 10, 2012, Republican primary were:

Mitt Romney 39% (97,339)
Ron Paul 23% (56,601)
Jon Huntsman 17% (41,796)
Newt Gingrich 10% (23,329)
Rick Santorum 9% (23,204)
Rick Perry 1% (1,762)