Wisconsin Holds State Recall Elections

Never before in American politics have voters recalled more than two state legislators in a single year.

That record could be broken on Tuesday, when Wisconsinites vote to decide the fate of six Republican state senators who voted for Gov. Scott Walker's conservative, anti-union agenda. Democrats need to win three of these recall races (and defend two more in another round of recalls next week) to reclaim a majority in the state Senate and throw a wrench into Walker's political machine.

In the end, it fell short of the outcome protesters who had marched in Wisconsin’s state capital for weeks had hoped for: Democrats managed to seize two Republican state Senate seats in recall elections Tuesday, but fell short of the three or more they needed to take control of that legislative chamber.

The outcome was seen as a victory for Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican whose move to curtail collective bargaining rights for public workers this year set off a firestorm of protests, then counterprotests and finally a summer of unprecedented recall efforts.