London Police Shoots Taxi Driver Mark Duggan

With the dismay at the way the media reported the incident, it was no surprise that a peaceful march and protest was arranged by the family and friends of Duggan.

For many hours they were effectively ignored at the police station by senior officers. No one came forth with a reasonable explanation of the events that led up to the death of Duggan. Frustration began to mount. By the time I switched on my TV on Sunday morning I was revisited by scenes I witnessed in Brixton 30 years ago.

The worst unrest in London in decades saw buildings, vehicles and garbage dumps set alight, stores looted and police officers pelted with bottles and fireworks, as groups of young people rampaged through neighbourhoods across the capital.

Mark Duggan, was travelling in a minicab in North London on Thursday evening when it was stopped by officers from Scotland Yard’s Operation Trident, who specialise in fighting black-on-black gun crime.