Nintendo Unveils Wii U, Successor to Wii

Yesterday, Nintendo unveiled the Wii U with great fanfare at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The console sports a host of innovative new features, thanks in large part to its revolutionary controller, which is centered on a 6.2-inch touch screen and boasts twin circle pads, a D-pad, two shoulder buttons, twin triggers, face buttons, and an accelerometer, microphone, camera, and gyroscope.

When Nintendo held their E3 press conference yesterday, they took a lot of time to talk about their newest console, the Wii U. They revealed a lot of details regarding the controller and how it will revolutionize the way we play video games. Nintendo also silenced critics who were concerned with the lack of third-party support as they showed a montage of games set to come out for the console. One thing they didn't mention was any of the specs. While details surrounding the system remain unclear, IBM announced it will be making the microprocessor for the Wii U.

On display at Nintendo's one-acre floor space was the Wii U, a new system with a tablet-sized controller.

"It functions like a traditional controller, but it also has a 6.2-inch screen built right inside of it," said Cindy Gordon of Nintendo.

Nintendo has working prototypes on display at E3 for a hands-on experience.