Jack Kevorkian Dies

For Oregon and Washington advocates pressing for a physician-assisted suicide law in the 1990s, the attention-seeking behavior of Dr. Jack Kevorkian provided a model for many doctors and activists — of what not to do.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the medical pathologist infamously known as “Dr. Death” for his efforts on behalf of assisted suicide, died yesterday at the age of 83. The New York Times reported that Kevorkian died at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, after being admitted with kidney and respiratory ailments, according to his attorney Geoffrey N. Fieger, who represented him in several trials resulting from his efforts in the 1990s to help people kill themselves. The Detroit Free Press reported that Kevorkian, who had previously been diagnosed with liver cancer, died from a blood clot that lodged in his heart.

After championing the rights of the sick and suffering to get help ending their lives -- and providing that "help" to scores of terminally ill patients -- Dr. Jack Kevorkian died of natural causes on Friday at the age of 83.