Gods & Heroes Launches

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising (abbreviated as G&H or GnH) is the title of an MMORPG made by Heatwave Interactive.

The game is set in the world of Ancient Rome, and combines historical elements and enemies (Etruscans, Faliscans, etc.) with mythological ones (Cyclops, Gorgons, etc.). Players can select era-appropriate classes from Soldiers, Gladiators, Mystics and Priests, each of which can be aligned with an Olympian god (such as Jupiter or Mars).

Originally developed by Perpetual Entertainment, the game was put on indefinite hold in October, 2007. In February, 2010, Heatwave Interactive announced it had acquired rights to the game and planned to continue its development. The game was released in June, 2011. Free2Play as of March 2012 with Purchase of the Game.