Pentagon Releases Videos of Osama bin Laden Seized from Compound Raid

As a result of the raid, we've acquired the single largest collection of material from a senior terrorist ever," said the official, who spoke to reporters Saturday on condition of anonymity.

"The materials have already provided us some important insights.… We are already disseminating intelligence across the U.S. government based on what we found.

A handful of videos released on Saturday show bin Laden appearing hunched and tired, seated on the floor, watching television, wrapped in a wool blanket and wearing a knit cap. Out-takes of his propaganda tapes show that they were heavily scripted affairs. He dyed and trimmed his beard for the cameras, then shot and re-shot his remarks until the timing and lighting were just right. The new material shows bin Laden in a much more candid, unflattering light than the rare propaganda videos that trickled out during his life portraying him as a charismatic religious figure unfazed at being the target of a worldwide manhunt.

The cache of intelligence seized from the Pakistani compound where Osama bin Laden was killed last week is the size of "a small college library" and is yielding a portrait of an aging fugitive terror leader seeking to remain in control of the organization he founded, U.S. national security adviser Tom Donilon said Sunday.