US Senator Roy Blunt Asks Federal Government to Fully Reimburse Joplin Disaster Relief Costs

“I spoke to Secretary Napolitano earlier this week and strongly urged that the reimbursement rate for Joplin also be 100 percent.

The traditional 75-25 percent cost-sharing would be totally inappropriate in this circumstance,” Blunt said. “Joplin and the entire state of Missouri appreciate your Administration’s quick response to this unprecedented disaster.”

The money for emergency response and cleanup would come from the Missouri budget for the 2012 fiscal year that starts July 1. Even before the tornado struck the southwestern Missouri city on Sunday, Nixon had planned cuts to the budget approved by state lawmakers partly because he estimated that the Legislature had proposed spending more money than what would be collected in tax revenues. The additional money reserved for Joplin could add to spending cuts elsewhere.

The tornado, which was gauged as five on the enhanced Fujita scale, touched down into the heart of the Midwest city near 6 p.m. on Sunday, killing many people and destroying thousands of buildings. In the last month, tornadoes killed more than 300 people and caused damage worth more than two billion dollars in the U.S. South.