Wisconsin Governor Walker Begins Layoff Process for State Workers

Some 1,500 Wisconsin residents may not have slept so well last night.

Gov. Scott Walker yesterday set the ball in motion to lay off a horde of state employees by sending letters to state employee unions alerting them that the workers would receive layoff notices in 15 days. The actual layoff date will be in a month—unless, of course, Walker's "budget repair" bill passes, reports the Washington Post. And if it doesn't, the number could balloon to as many 12,000 public employees, he warns.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) Friday began the process for laying off 1,500 state employees, escalating the bitter standoff over his legislation to sharply curtail collective bargaining rights for public employees.

New polling conducted for the AFL-CIO and shared with The Huffington Post shows Wisconsin voters siding with the state workers, unions and protestors by large majorities and expressing net disapproval of Republican Governor Scott Walker