All Six Fukushima Dai-ichi Reactors Connected to Power Lines

A potential milestone in Japan's efforts to get the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant under control: Workers have for the first time connected all six reactors to power lines, a development that could finally revive the plant's cooling systems, reports the AP. The caveat: They won't turn the juice back on to all the water pumps for days or perhaps weeks as safety checks and repairs continue, and pumps for some of the reactors may be irreparably damaged.

Workers at a leaking nuclear complex hooked up power lines to all six of its reactor units, but other repercussions from a massive earthquake and tsunami still rippled across Japan as economic losses mounted at three flagship companies.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. says power lines at its quake-damaged nuclear plant at Fukushima in northern Japan have been hooked up to all six reactors — though more work is needed before electricity can be turned on to help cool the units.