Elevated Levels of Radiation Discovered in Japan's Water

Japan has detected elevated radiation levels in spinach and milk in the prefecture containing its foundering Fukushima nuclear plant and a neighboring prefecture, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Milk produced roughly 30 miles away from the plant had around five times the normal amount of radioactive material iodine-131, while spinach some 75 miles away had about four times the limit. The AP reports that Japan has also detected trace amount of radioactive iodine in tap water in Tokyo and five other areas; the radiation didn't exceed government limits, but normal water tests show no iodine.

Raising concerns over possible contamination from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan's health ministry said Saturday that an abnormal amount of a radioactive material was detected in spinach grown about 110 kilometers (about 70 miles) northeast of Tokyo.

The ministry also said that an abnormal amount of the material, called iodine-131, was detected in milk from a dairy farm about 50 kilometers away from the plant.