Arab League Announces Support for Libyan No-Fly Zone

Moammar Gadhafi just got a little more isolated: The 22-nation Arab League today called on the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, reports the BBC. The bloc presented it as a humanitarian mission as opposed to a military intervention to win over leery members, notes AP. It should make it easier for the West to move ahead with such plans, though the US and others have been skeptical.

A special meeting in Cairo voted to ask the UN Security Council to impose the policy until the current crisis ended.

The UK and France have pushed for the idea, but have failed so far to win firm backing from the EU or Nato.

We will inform the U.N. Security Council of our request to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya," Moussa said. "The U.N. Security Council should decide how it will be enforced.