US Announces Plan for Removing Gadhafi from Power

The White House has announced a five-point, non-military plan aimed at removing Moammar Gadhafi from power in Libya.

Officials are set to partially embrace the opposition movement and threatened to prosecute loyalists involved in atrocities, the New York Times reports. Meanwhile, the administration rejected the US intelligence chief’s comments that Gadhafi’s forces are likely to win in the end, suggesting it was “a static and one-dimensional assessment.”

The steps that the White House announced include a partial embrace of the opposition movement as well as threats to track and prosecute, in international courts, loyalists to Mr. Qaddafi who commit atrocities. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she would meet with Libyan opposition leaders next week, and President Obama’s national security adviser made it clear that Washington was looking for ways to aid the Libyan leader’s opponents.

The U.S. has thus far stopped short of recognizing the rebels as a legitimate government, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would meet with opposition leaders in the coming weeks. The U.S. government announced that it will take steps to track and prosecute Qaddafi loyalists who commit atrocities, and Obama's national security adviser, Thomas Donilon, said that the administration was looking for ways of working with the Libyan opposition.