Street Clashes Erupt in Bahrain

It was the first sign of post-Egypt unrest anywhere in the wealthy Gulf states.

Riot police fired teargas and rubber bullets at demonstrators demanding the release of Shia detainees. "Our movement is peaceful and our demands are legitimate," read one slogan. At least 14 people were injured in Newidrat in the south-west of the kingdom, — a key western ally that hosts the US fifth fleet. "We are only asking for political reforms, right of political participation, respect for human rights, stopping of systematic discrimination against Shias," activist Nabeel Rajab told al-Jazeera. He said one person had died of injuries sustained during the protests.

Protesters clashed with police in Bahrain today as the government tightened security in the Gulf island state for an opposition "Day of Rage" inspired by upheaval in Egypt and Tunisia.

Helicopters circled over the capital Manama, where protesters were due to gather later in the day, and security forces tightened their grip on Shia communities.