Mubarak resigns, military assumes control of country

Egypt exploded with joy, tears, and relief after President Hosni Mubarak resigned as president, forced out by 18 days of mass protests that culminated in huge marches Friday on his presidential palaces and state television.

The military took power after protesters called for it to intervene and oust their leader of three decades.

As Hosni Mubarak finally threw in the towel, I was just leaving Tahrir Square with my friend Eman, when we heard a roar of elation rising from the square. We looked at each other excitedly. "What happened?" Eman asked. We rushed to the nearest shop, a bakery, to look at the TV. The owner told us that Mubarak had stepped down.

We ran out to the street and joined in the celebrations, jumping up and down and cheering. We joined the crowds running to the square.

"The people of Egypt have spoken. Their voices have been heard and Egypt will never be the same," the president said. "By stepping down, President Mubarak responded to the Egyptian people's hunger for change, but this is not the end of Egypt's transition. It's the beginning."