Diseased-Mankind is dying for a cure

DISEASED is an upcoming thriller by filmmaker James Elliot Green. Filming to begin in Los Angeles, CA early 2012.

"Some would say the world has already ended and this is simply the echo that we have found some reason to call life."- REH

Experimental compound 1492-DZE, first introduced to the human population in the year 2011. After a brief period of failed clinical testing 1492-DZE was unanimously approved for broader testing outside of clinical study.

The theory that most of mankind’s diseases were caused by modern man’s unenviable conflict with nature was the driving force. Pharmaceutical companies and medical industry professionals alike lobbied that mankind should be released from its natural dependency on a slowly evolved immune system. They proposed that mankind switch to a drug based, scientifically engineered immune system that they believed to be vastly superior. Arrogantly proclaiming that 1492-DZE would be the cure for all disease. “Mankind stands a better chance against any pending disease if the system being attacked was mappable and familiar to all doctors. A common ground, offering sustainable and treatable opposition to death.” The FAD approved the flawed research and the compound 1492-DZE became approved drug DZE on January 1, 2012. Once approved it was aggressively marketed to the unsuspecting public. By the end of year 2012 mankind began to experience a marked increase in fatal illnesses. By 2015 over 45% of the worlds population prior to DZE had mysteriously died. The remaining inhabitants now faced unprecedented health issues. A new drug DZEAS was prepared to counteract the most severe side effects attributed to DZE. It was established through judicial inquiry that the massive deaths were to be the blame of an overwhelming lack of sufficient drugs that could be effective against natural diseases. Diseases that through evolution and previous tampering had now outgrown mankind’s natural immune system's capabilities. Further, it was stated that DZE had prevented mankind’s total pandemic extinction. The 45% increase in mortality was attributed to the fact that DZE was not law. The development of 1492-DZE and the subsequent DZEAS led to increasing profits and the astronomical growth of the healthcare sector. No longer would a trip to the doctor be a rarity. Hospital based cities composed of towers that touched the sky became the urban landscape. DZE would be administered at birth, followed by a lifetime of DZEA treatments. Governments passed laws to make sure all its citizen’s complied and received both substances. DZEA treatment took control over human freedoms, ushering in the new and final stage of pharmaceutical dependency. First priority for every man, woman and child was DZEA management. All attempts to develop or produce an alternative were considered illegal by the year 2020. The year is now 2025. There is only one man alive who can stop the DZEAS(disease.)

We are making a feature length narrative film that takes a close look at where mankind is going under the current poisoned system. Our health has been brokered to the highest bidders. The medical industry, The pharmaceutical companies, The corrupt agricultural/chemical companies...Ie: Monsanto and dairy Industry... Fast Food. A long list of perps. Support our dream of seeing this human health crisis end in our lifetimes.

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