Jared Loughner Charged in Tucson Shooting

Federal prosecutors today charged Jared Lee Loughner with two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder, reports the Arizona Republic.

"Additional charges could be brought under domestic terrorism statutes as the investigation continues,'' said FBI director Robert Mueller. Investigators also carried out a search warrant at Loughner's home that returned some interesting items: among them, an envelope seized from a safe with messages such as "I planned ahead," "My assassination," and the name "Giffords" written on it, next to what appears to be Loughner's signature.

Reporters camped out at the suburban home haven't seen any sign of Jared Loughner's parents, but sources told CBS News that the FBI was able to speak with them.

Loughner's parents put a ply wood blockade in front of their gate to keep the media out. The FBI agents knocked, waited five minutes outside, and then went in.