Jared Loughner Pleads Not Guilty in Tucson Shooting

Jared Lee Loughner has pleaded "not guilty" in a Phoenix courthouse Monday to federal charges that he attempted to kill Rep.

Gabrielle Giffords and two of her aides on Jan. 8 in Tucson.

Loughner is alleged to have shot 19 people, killing six, during a Giffords' meet-and-greet at a grocery store.

The man accused of carrying out the mass shooting in Tucson pleaded not guilty today to federal charges that he tried to assassinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and murder two of her aides. The plea was Jared Lee Loughner's second court appearance since he allegedly shot the congresswoman and 18 others at Giffords' meet-and-greet event on Jan. 8 outside a grocery store in Tucson. Six people died, and 13 others were wounded. He will later face state charges dealing with other victims.