Milwaukee Brewers defeat Philadelphia Phillies, 6-2

Happy Labor Day. And while we're at it, a most joyful last four weeks of another baseball season without an excessive leisure-time investment in the locals.

Sure, we've seen this coming since mid-April or so, but that does not lessen the reality that it's pretty much like this roughly nine out of 10 Septembers around here.

Would you rather be a Padres fan right now, hanging on a shred of something, anything as a division lead agonizingly slips away? Or a Braves fan f...

Philadelphia — These days it's a guessing game for Ken Macha.

The Milwaukee Brewers manager has searched for consistency from his bullpen, using a trial-and-error approach that has only led him to more uncertainty. All season, it has seemed that when the Brewers find their go-to guy in the bullpen to bridge from the starter to the back end, he ends up imploding and the coaching staff has to search all over again.

First there was Carlos Villanueva and his 13 consecuti...

Philadelphia — It was a much different outcome this time, albeit Randy Wolf is a different pitcher now.

When the Milwaukee Brewers left-hander faced the Philadelphia Phillies in mid-May, he was battered and bruised in a five-inning outing. The defending National League champions put up six runs on seven hits and hit two home runs in their victory, and Wolf went on to finish that month with a 5.50 earned-run average.

Wolf continued to struggle through June and July, p...