New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 4-3

NEW YORK — It was there for a moment, the season- saving four steals in the ninth inning, the hope the Red Sox wouldn't end things quite yet.

And then it was gone.

The win started to slip away in the bottom of the ninth, when Jonathan Papelbon blew yet another save and the Yankees tied the game at 3. It slipped away completely an inning later as the Yankees loaded the bases with no outs against Hideki Okajima before the lefthander walked in the winning run.

So, there...

It would have been the best victory of the season for the Red Sox. The Yankees were desperate for a victory and the Red Sox were two outs away from a three-game sweep of their rivals.

You could sense the panic rising in the stands at Yankee Stadium.

Three hits and a walk later, Jonathan Papelbon had blown his eighth save of the season, the most in the American League. In his last seven appearances, Papelbon has allowed 11 runs on 14 hits and four walks in 7.1 innings...