New England Patriots defeat Buffalo Bills, 38-30

FOXBOROUGH — Three games, 82 points.

As explosive as the Patriots’ offense can be, that number does not represent the number of points they have scored in 2010. It is the number of points they have allowed.

It is the highest three-game season-opening total in Bill Belichick’s 11 years as head coach.

But the offense yesterday put enough points on the board to make up for the defense’s shortcomings, and New England posted a 38-30 win over divisional rival Buffalo.

FOXBOROUGH -- Through three games, it's been obvious the Patriots' best defense is their offense. At times today against the Buffalo Bills, it looked like the offense was the Patriots' only defense.

The Patriots (2-1) still own the Buffalo Bills, winning their 14th game in a row against the downtrodden AFC East foil by virtue of an 38-30 victory at Gillette Stadium. But unless they find a way to be more formidable on defense, it could be a long season for those who work...

FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots did the right thing this month by rewarding Tom Brady with the richest contract ever for an NFL player.

The quarterback will make $26.5 million in 2010, and he’ll have to earn every penny.

Yesterday’s uneven 38-30 victory against the Bills showed once again that if this year’s Patriots are going anywhere, it will be securely on the back of No. 12.

Brady was 21 of 27 for 252 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions, with a 142.6 passe...

FOXBOROUGH Nattering nabobs of negativity will find fault with yesterday's 38-30 Patriots victory over the oft-buffeted Bills. Cynics will note that few fans left early (Brady Gaga's complaint after Week 1) because the Patriots never went out to a 21-point lead. Haters will claim we still don'€™t know anything about the 2010 team because we haven'€™t seen it beat a good team on the road.

Not me. Today this is the happy place, the no-fault zone. Today we bring you the Ba...