Indianapolis Colts defeat New York Giants, 38-14

INDIANAPOLIS - Eli Manning took plenty of beatings from his older brother Peyton growing up in New Orleans.

It's just hard to imagine a beating more thorough than the one he took Sunday night.

It was like 2009 all over again for the Giants as Eli and Co. were battered by Peyton and the Colts. They were shoved around so badly in their 38-14 loss that at one point the frustration boiled over, with Brandon Jacobs flinging his helmet into the stands.

Typical of the Giant...

INDIANAPOLIS - It's over and now Peyton and Eli Manning can get back to rooting for each other the next four years. Hopefully, people will stop comparing them until the next time they meet.

Manning Bowl II wasn't a fair fight. Peyton set the terms of the duel and that was it, a 38-14 blowout.

Afterward, Peyton was glum as if he'd lost the game. He spent time consoling his brother outside the Giants' locker room.

"I told him good game. I told him I loved him. I thi...