Baltimore Orioles defeat New York Yankees, 4-3

BALTIMORE - Even always-stoic Derek Jeter couldn't mask the importance of the next four games for the Yankees.

Asked after Sunday's 4-3 loss to the Orioles about the AL East showdown against Tampa Bay beginning Monday night at the Stadium, Jeter said with a straight face, "Nah, it's just like all the rest" - before breaking into laughter.

"Of course, we're battling for the division, and we face them four games, so we'll see what happens," Jeter said. "They have a gre...

BALTIMORE - Two months later, the Yankees' rotation looks whole again with what Joe Girardi hopes is time to spare before the playoffs begin.

That was enough Sunday, even if Andy Pettitte's longtime trusted teammate, Mariano Rivera, cost him - and eventually his team - a win in his return from the disabled list .

Pettitte made his long-awaited first start since injuring his groin on July 18, and the All-Star lefty picked up where he left off with six vintage innings ...