Wisconsin Badgers defeat Arizona State Sun Devils, 20-19

Madison — The difference between absorbing a bitter defeat to unranked Arizona State and overcoming a string of injuries to grind out a hard-fought victory over the Sun Devils was too close to measure, akin to a photo finish in a race.

Eleventh-ranked Wisconsin, which escaped with a 20-19 victory in front of a noisy crowd of 81,332 Saturday afternoon at Camp Randall Stadium, probably would have suffered its first loss of the season if not for a handful of unexpected and...

Madison — As rattlesnake-bitten as the opponent from the desert was Saturday, it was apparent to all who bore witness Saturday that Bucky was lucky, very lucky.

The question three games into a season of Sonoran-vast expectations is whether the Badgers are lucky and good.

The Nevada-Las Vegas experience was anything but clean. The San Jose State game was mostly a mess. And the 20-19 nerve challenger against two-touchdown underdog Arizona State?

Well, let's see . . ...