Minnesota Twins defeat Chicago White Sox, 9-3

The pain in Gordon Beckham's hand is telling him -- at times screaming at him -- to go ahead and shut it down for the rest of the year.

The standings, however, are telling him to gut it out.

''It is what it is,'' the White Sox second baseman admitted Wednesday. ''It hurts, yeah. It bothers me more when I have to use my top hand a little bit.

''When I can just let the bat drop into place, it's OK because I don't really use a lot of my top hand, but the problem is I...

It would seem like a crazy statement to make, considering the moment.

There was John Danks on Wednesday, his White Sox team just moved from the intensive care unit to critical in the Central Division race, the picture of the last great act of defiance.

''Yeah, it's frustrating as hell,'' Danks said of one-sided rivalry between the Sox and the Twins over the last few years. ''We obviously haven't played well against them in my four years here. Even in '08 [when the So...