Milwaukee Brewers defeat Houston Astros, 11-6

Ken Macha was simply asked who the Milwaukee Brewers' closer was.

Silence followed and eventually this:

"We're going to see how everything happens (on a) day-to-day basis," the manager said. "I don't know whether we have to put a label on somebody as a closer."

That means the ninth-inning job no longer solely belongs to John Axford, the right-hander who has saved 16 games in 17 chances this season. Axford took over after Trevor Hoffman blew five out of his first 1...

Normally when things like this happen in baseball, there is no logical explanation.

When one team is completely dominated by another only to come back days later and exact payback, it is just how things go over the course of a six-month season, without rhyme or reason.

But when it happens with this edition of the Milwaukee Brewers, there is an easy justification: They are the Milwaukee Brewers.

The season has gone in two directions all year for this team. The Brew...