Baltimore Orioles defeat Chicago White Sox, 4-3

BALTIMORE -- If the White Sox thought the big test came in picking themselves up off the mat when they were 9½ games back in June, then turning that around to take over first place just before the All-Star break, a friendly reminder was offered up by Paul Konerko after the 4-3 loss Sunday against the Baltimore Orioles.

''We were hot for a really long time, but it's August now, and this is really the time where you've got to dig down,'' Konerko said. ''These little momen...

BALTIMORE -- Two pounds.

That's the water weight White Sox general manager Ken Williams figured he could shed doing his morning sprints Sunday in the 90-degree heat engulfing Camden Yards.

But he obviously figured he could drop a bit more weight off his shoulders by addressing the state of his team with the media because he put off his running to have a seven-minute sit-down.

Williams discussed what the Sox face as an organization in the last eight weeks of the pe...