Oil Discovered Oozing from Louisiana Ground

These days in Louisiana, even the hermit crabs are digging oil wells.

Researchers on a barrier island off the southeastern Louisiana coast who were looking for oil offshore found it on land, too—oozing out of tiny holes dug by hermit crabs. One local official said that when he dug a few feet down with a shovel on Louisiana coastal land he found thick, heavy crude oil lurking underground.

A slew of media reports last week asked, "Where is the oil?" angering many along the Gulf Coast, particularly those still seeing oil all over the place. BP, the oil giant that's been trying to stem the flow of oil from its busted well in the Gulf, seized upon the rash of hopeful-sounding reports about disappearing oil to announce a "scaleback" of its cleanup operations. That touched off a fresh wave of anger among Gulf residents who believe, quite soundly, that oil continues to flow quite abundantly in and around the Gulf.