Chicago White Sox defeat Cleveland Indians, 10-6

Let's give Ken Williams some credit.

I know: It's not an easy thing to do when there's a mad tweeter out there dogging his every move.

But with the White Sox still within shouting distance of the Minnesota Twins, their general manager is answering to his aggressive nature, which is to say Kenny is being Kenny.

I chided him late last season for giving up on his team, which was six games out of first place at the time, and he didn't like it a bit. This time, there's no...

CLEVELAND -- Unless Manny Ramirez also can throw an inning of relief late in a close game, he's more luxury than need.

That's the situation the White Sox find themselves in, especially after a Monday in which the South Side circus simply added a few more acts. Besides the news that the controversial slugger was acquired through the waiver wire, we had X-ray-gate for Gordon Beckham, a blown save by Bobby Jenks and the little matter of actually winning the game against th...