Baltimore Orioles defeat Chicago White Sox, 4-2

The White Sox might be in greater need of pitching help now, but a move to acquire Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez could be the deal that gets done.

Reports Wednesday said the Dodgers had placed the veteran outfielder on waivers, with the Sox believed to have put in a claim. Their claim would be subject to every National League team passing on Ramirez, who returned this week from his third stay on the disabled list, this time for a strained right calf.


Ozzie Guillen's middle son, Oney, lost his lower-level job with the White Sox in the spring after making disparaging remarks on his Twitter account about the organization, including general manager Ken Williams.

Things haven't changed for him as he continued last weekend making personal attacks on Williams, but apparently it won't be at a cost to his father.

Ozzie Guillen was upset Wednesday at the latest round of questions about Oney's tweets aimed at Williams and t...