Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 5-3

The inconsistency is becoming somewhat predictable.

For more than a month now, Milwaukee Brewers right-hander Dave Bush has been either a refreshing hit or a total miss, his recent pitching lines reading like EKG meters that bounce sharply up and down.

Over his last eight outings Bush has made four quality starts, and each of them has come in every other turn since July 15. And the other four starts, including Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers, have been ...

Statues have a lot of natural enemies. Pigeons and coups, naturally, and groundwater is batting about .500 against a really big one over in Russia.

Then there is the regular-guy sensibility of a place like Milwaukee, what with its heritage of all those socialist mayors.

But in the case of Bud Selig, we'll make an exception.

This came to mind not only Tuesday, when a whole bunch of big-timers came in for the dedication of the commish's likeness in front of the ball...